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Sorry Guys the original post got accidentally deleted. so I hope you read it. I shall summarize.

I have been given the very exciting opportunity to blog and vlog using a full treatment of It Works wraps! (that's 4!) I know many skeptics out there say they don't work, before and after girls are not the same blah blah...

So what are wraps?

A few years ago they were found exclusively in salons. People would pay anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for these treatments. Than It works Global bought the rights to the all natural formula that tightens, tones, reduced cellulite and can even help fade stretch marks, They have many other products to help you lose weight and get healthy but this is by far the most popular. Prices vary depending on if you are a loyal customer (Free to become just have to promise to buy at least one product a month for 3 months) or a regular customer. The difference in price is very large so I encourage anyone who wants to try them to become a preferred customer As you'd be able to buy 3 boxes (of 4) for not much more than a single box costs a loyal customer.

But do they work?

Well we shall See! Tonight I will begin my review of these. I received 2 and will receive 2 more once these are used. Tonight you will get my preliminaries! A video of me explaining and pictures of how I look now.

I encourage anyone who has issues with looking at chubber blubber not to continue past the line. But it you like many are struggling to lose weight? By all means follow my story here!

If you have questions? Please contact:

Jillena Furr

Remember if you don't like chubber blubber.... Do NOT continue......

P.S. Any Degrading, insulting and trolling from anyone on my efforts to lose weight will be banned from not only this blog but ALL of my pages. Thank you.

Disclaimer: There will be pictures of me as I progress wearing my underwear.... if this bothers you... Do NOT continue.


Measurements: 45/50/51




Day 3: Removal

P.S. I apologize half of it is upside down! though it's kind of funny. I flipped the tablet so my whole belly showed. My screen showed it upright but ermmmm it didn't record that way hahahaha

Measurements: 44.5/48/49.5


OK guys, sorry in the delay! I am having issues getting my pictures to post but I wanted to get the results up! I'll post images asap

After the 3 day time was up on my wrap my final measurements were:
43/46/47!!!!!!!!! For those of you keeping track that is 2"/4"/4" Loss for a total of 10 inches!

That is very promising results! So I applied the second wrap last night and my Loss as of this afternoon when it were 42.5/45.5/46 so initial loss of .5/.5/1 or total of another 2 inches! It's not as shocking as the first wrap but I still have another 2 days where it will continue to shrink! I CANT WAIT!


OK, I'm seriously ticked. My tablet isn't working. Fiance has been trying but it looks like at this point he is going to be reformatting it and I'm losing the pictures because nothing opens. On the bright side my initial loss on the first wrap was AWESOME so you can still see the difference. (Collage)

I am moving forward. I will be taking on all pictures on 2 devices to ensure I KEEP them >,< I'm sorry guys

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  1. Hey Holly. .Wow..measurements after 3 days are looking very promising. .and Congrats to you for having the courage to put it all out there for us to follow you on your weight loss journey. . :)