Monday, April 29, 2013

Candle Gems By Soylicious Review

Recently I won a Bingo game on Jennifer Raines Soylicious Facebook page. You can find it here:

She was kind enough to send me a full size product to review for my vlog and Blog. She chose the scent for me, Pineapple Mango, Pictured Below:

The scent of the unlit candle is absolutely delicious, and this is someone who normally avoids most citrus scent . When I opened it for the first time I was very happy with the way it smelled, as was my fiance. The ring that comes in it is stuck in the lid. So if you truly hate having to wait for your candle to melt to get to it this may be the option you want. Personally I like the anticipation of waiting for it to burn down to reveal my prize but I know not everyone feels that way. They also carry melter gems, available in the same scents only designed for your wax warmers.

The same scent I got in melter gems would look like this:

Now on to the review. Personally, as I said, I loved the scent, but any future purchases from them will definitely be in melter form. After burning it I encountered several problems. First, It had an air pocket, and not a small one, around the wick. After about an hour and a half of burning I noticed a strange bubbling/hissing sound coming from the candle and as I looked to see what was wrong I saw the air bubble had been releases. It was large enough to make the bubble big enough to extinguish my wick and left a gaping hole around the wick. When I poked my finger to see how deep the hole was it came to my realization that the product, though coming from a company names "Soylicious" could not possibly be 100% soy. No matter how you looked at it it had paraffin in it as when I pulled my finger out instead of staying an oily like base it immediately hardened on my finger and had to be flake off.

I let it completely cool so melted wax could fill in the hole and harden. That seemed to fix it well enough.

The next problem I seemed to encounter was the carbon build up on the wick every time I burn it. Even flaking it off between every burn could not stop the candle from smoking profusely or from keeping my jar from turning black.

We really did like the scent though so I am completely open to trying these again, only for future purchases I have decided to stick with the melter gems as most of my problems seemed centered around the wic not the actual wax. They really do smell good and I got a lovely ring from it which can be seen on my real on youtube.

They have a lot of scents to offer and are a bit cheaper than some other companies so this may be something you should look into trying, but, as I said, If you have a warmer I strongly suggest buying melts instead of the candles.

For more information or to order please check out Jennifer Rainville on Facebook or you can order from her online at:

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Last month I got an opportunity to try some scentsy products. This is out of the norm for me since I normally only stick to candles that have "surprises" in them, but as it was I know of a few companies that sell tarts/melters with things in them and knew I would need a warmer if I managed to get my hands on some. I was fortunate enough to find a distributor who was running a contest for free products. I joined her Group page, Mickie's Scentsy Customers (please note this link leads to her group page and you will have to request to join) 

After a week of playing games it was obvious I was not going to win as I could not afford the big ticket entries that came from purchasing product. I was lucky though, one of the women who was purchasing just to help out one of the girls who was having a party won second place. She had no need for the warmer so she gave it to me. 

After explaining what I wanted the warmer for Mickie was kind enough to work out a deal we could both live with and upgraded me to a large one instead of a plug in. I chose the Rosalyn Pictured Below:

 This warmer is simply gorgeous. It's sleek and sophisticated. When I recieved it I was delighted to see it was much larger than the picture led you to believe. I was very happy with my selection. For a more thorough look please view my youtube page where I have 2 short videos (It was accidently cut off half way between) 

The Next part of the prize pack I won was a Scentsy bar. My fiance and I could not agree on a scent so I gave her a list of three and just asked her to pick one for us. She did better, she sent me one of the two I wanted and the one my fiance wanted.

I got Perk me up:
It smells phenomenal! It's a nice strong coffee smell with just the right amount of sweetness, it's a perfect balance.

The second scent she sent me was Blueberry Cheesecake:

My word people trust me when I say if you like strong scents this is a good choice. It smells really good but I will warn you NOT to melt these right next to you or in a small space. As much as we liked it we found out immediately this should not be melted right by your head in the bedroom. It was a bit overbearing and it actually gave my fiance a slight headache after about an hour. The next day we tried again only this time I melted them on the mantel in the living room which is a big open space and nowhere near where anyone sat. It was much better like that and even made me crave some cheesecake.

I also decided to give mixing them a shot. My favorite dessert is a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake so I gave it a shot. Let me tell you what, I fell in love! The coffee had just enough bitterness in the scent to cut back the overbearing sweetness of the Blueberry Cheesecake perfectly and I have been burning them this way ever since.

I must warn my lovely candle ladies to beware. If you're only interested in candles that come with jewelry, be aware, the quality of scentsy's will make you aware of what they SHOULD smell like but rarely do. You may risk being forever disappointed in the quality of your current candle company.

Thank you Mickie for the opportunity to review these products. If my fans and followers could, give her a shout out for taking her chances on a new blogger. Not to mention the bravery as well because I am fastly getting known in the candle community as a no nonsense and often brutal reviewer and I know most of you wouldn't want it any other way.

For more information on these phenomenal products check out Mickie's Catalog online at: 

For any questions or concerns message her on facebook:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ok guys! Time to get down to business. I hit a slump when I got sick with strep and it took me quite a while to feel 100%. But now it's time to get my butt moving on this blog again. I have several announcements, tips and tricks and a link list of facebook pages you should like if your into the giveaways and contests.

First, I am currently writing four reviews one of which will have my newest giveaway on it. I also have several others in the slate that should be coming up very soon. I'm really wanting to make a go of this so I would greatly appreciate all the support I can get. Here are the links to my various pages, if you could give them a like or subscribe I'd appreciate it.

For all of you who have been with me from the beginning and are waiting for the links for doing surveys:

These are great starters and are my favorite to use. Each have drawbacks but nothing to serious. Of the five I have listed the only one that might be a bit bothersome is only cash surveys. Their wait period after you request payment is ridiculously long.

Great Discount Bloggers sites for freebies and contest:

My Mentor -

That should keep everyone busy for awhile. I am almost done with 2 reviews and will post one of them tomorrow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Giveaway is now Closed! The winner has been notified and as 24 hours to claim their prize!

Avon giveaway starting 4/23/13 at 1 am and will run until 4/30/13 at 1 am

As like my previous giveaway I have 2 great ways to win a prize. First is on my giveaway tools. This one is the main prize and will consist of One Hollywood Glamour Necklace as shown below.

Unfortunately this photo does very little to show you just how pretty it is. You can check my youtube page entitled "Condolences, Announcements and No Apologies" To see it on. I was originally planning to start the giveaway that night but due to the crisis in Boston felt it may be inappropriate.

As like last time there will be a runner up prize for referrals. To be entered just send friends to either THIS ENTRY or my new facebook  page (linked in the giveaway form) and have them like my page and post a comment to my wall stating you sent them. 1 friend = 1 entry. The prize will be a surprise avon makeup set. I guarantee 2 items here that I will do no coaxing for to remind people about referrals. I will happily keep them myself.

Finally note to all. To win ANY of my giveaways you must be a fan of my facebook page. If you like the page and unlike it before the end of the giveaway I will NOT count it. If you like the pages in my giveaway form and then unlike them right after it is over I will not allow you to participate in future giveaways. Please remember that neither my current sponsors or myself are big time execs who can afford to throw freebies around like huge corporations can. This comes out of our pocket and we would appreciate it if you could just show a bit of support. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There's a new Jewelry Candle Contest going on on Amanda Trimble's Rep page!  I love her contests. She comes up with a lot of new ways to give out entries. Some are for purchasing product but most are given out for free. Trivia, First to comment on a post and many others! Jewelry Candles are seriously wonderful. They are, in my opinion, much higher quality than Diamond Candles for the same price! They have many more scents and your order ships and gets to you in a reasonable amount of time. If you have been thinking of trying them this is a great chance to do just that! If I win? I'm definitely ordering The Banana Cream Pie Candle I've been dying to try! How bout you? Which Jewelry Candle scent gets you all tingly?

On another note, my newest Giveaway will be starting tonight! Make sure you keep an eye out on my youtube page for all the details! Oh and hey, do me a solid and let Amanda know I sent you if you like her page just comment on her wall with my name! Holly From BSH!

Good luck to all and have an epic day!

--= <3 =--

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


OK guys winner has been selected! Check your emails to see if it was you! Remember, contestants only have 24 hours to respond and tell me what items they choose before I draw another winner! If it wasn't you? Well theres always the second chance drawing now isn't there! It'll take me a bit and my daughter is sick so please give me until tomorrow evening to hunt down and check all my posts for possible referrals! Tomorrow evening I will set up a video of me figuring out placement by time stamps! Once I have names put in, in the order they got a referral we'll hop on the camera and run the numbers through the randomizer and that's how we'll select our winner! Stay tuned until then! I have recorded the reveal of who won but until they contact me and I can get permission I cannot post the feed. Hopefully they allow me to post the info if not I'll blur all but their first name and first letter of last name as it show on rafflecopter!

Didn't win? Didn't have a referral for second chance? That's OK! I have more stuff coming your way that you're NOT going to want to miss!

Confirmed tonight! Keep your eye on my channel guys! I have officially gotten my first Sponsor! Trust me when I say you will NOT be disappointed! In the next couple weeks I will have an exclusive promotion for my followers to enter contests for gift certificates! Not only that WE ALL COME OUT WINNERS IN THIS ONE FOLKS! I will have access to exclusive saving and discounts for my followers through this company and I guarantee these savings? They're WORTH getting excited for!

I am honestly bursting at the seams to Tell you everything now but I'm going to keep my lip buttoned until I have my hands on the product! What I can tell you? The company that agreed to giving me a chance and proving myself was one of the fist 3 proposals I sent out! I honestly did not think they would give me the opportunity yet to do a review for them. They shocked me by not only agreeing to it but also giving me access to the most AMAZING discount for my followers I could possibly hope for at this time! PLEASE, I urge you to keep an eye out! I plan on taking this opportunity to the next level and I want you all to come with me!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Only 2 days left to Enter my giveaway! Hurry and fill out the rafflecopter a few links down!

a Rafflecopter giveaway