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Shadowborn is the first book in Moira Katson’s Shadow Light Trilogy. The story follows the young heroin Catwin, a girl who it has been ordained to be cursed, is chosen and trained to become a young female Nobel shadow. What does that mean? She is chosen to become the girl’s bodyguard, her spy, and most importantly, an assassin. Forced together by the antagonist, Uncle to Miriel (the young Nobel), once a commoner, a Merchant’s son, a ruthless man with quick wit and a knack for warfare had risen to Dukedom.

Can Catwin truly become a shadow like Temar, the man she most admires, shadow to the Duke? Can the girls set aside their petty differences to create a bond that will either save their lives or destroy them? For surely, the Duke would happily kill them for disobeying him. Will Catwin’s best be good enough to get Miriel on the throne, for surely that must be the end game…

With not only her life but Miriel's as well, in the balance, a curse on her head proclaiming she was born to be betrayed, can she truly rise above and save them both? Will she be able to keep Miriel alive long enough in the brutal Royal Courts where intrigue and murder is common place ---  to catch the eye of the young King? For truly, that is their only hope to ever become free.

If they fail? They will spend the rest of their life wishing they were dead, the Duke would make sure of that.

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Hey guys! If you clicked here because you noticed the new tab YAY! Welcome to my book review page! I spend a lot of time reading and because I am such a thrifty shopper I am constantly on the look out for free books to read. You would be shocked how many there are out there especially now that it is so easy for someone to self publish themselves!

I get to read a lot of amazing stories because of just that so I thought it would be awesome to share my best book finds with you and give a small review of the book so you can decide whether it's a book you'd be into!

I am hoping to finish typing up my first review this week, for a sneak peak you can check out...

Moira Katson 

I will be starting off with book 1 "Shadowborn" from her Light and Shadow Trilogy. 

Can't wait? That's ok! It's free on Amazon right now so you have nothing to lose if you'd like to read it!  Go here ---->

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