Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prize Candle Review

Prize Candles

OK, I know it has been a while since I have posted a review. I was sick and than their was quite a bit of emotional stuff to deal with. I am trying to get back on my feet and so the first review here shall be of prize candles!

Now, When I received my candle it was in the 21oz size which they have changed. They now offer them only in a smaller version of 9 oz. Though from as far as I can see they did not lower prices. I only hope the jewelry is better quality. Oh and most the scents they originally offered? Yeah, they are gone. I loved my French Brulee but, yeah.... it is no more...

This is the pitiful 9oz candles they replaced them with and to be honest not a single one turned me on personally! Oh.... and they STILL cost 24.99. 

BUT.... On to the review of MY candle! To see the candle please refer to the initial youtube post. (Unfortunately fiance kind of hit the stop button early on and it didn't record but my initial show of the candle when I got it did) Go here to see:

Let's start with the candle! It has Pros and Cons so be aware. First, the scent I got "French Brulee" was absolutely AMAZING! If they hadn't gotten rid of it I would have bought another one once I had the money.
On the not so amazing side? The wic used was cheap. I was constantly cleaning up the carbon ball that built at the end and I always had blackish swirls from it in my wax. Nothing a switch in wicks would not have fixed but frustrating none the less. 

My biggest gripe? The ring. Now I am aware that it is clearly stated they can be from 10-5000 dollars. They even come with a handy little paper where you can check the value of your ring which I find awesome.... My problem? My ring was Valued at $25.00 and out of all the rings I have EVER gotten from such candles has never come close to the poor quality of this one. I simple band with plastic rhinestones. In fact I have seen may on the gallery of people showing them off. I sencerely hope I don't burst too many bubbles with this but.... The ring itself PLASTIC. Yes I checked. I was EASILY able to break the ring in half with very little effort. This actually made me angry.

As a prize candle? I have no interest in this company what so ever. But, in the event they sold just candles, in scents I liked, for a MUCH MORE reasonable price? I'd buy one.

I am sorry to have to write such a negative review, especially on a candle that was given to me for the purpose of review, but as you all well know? I am nothing if not honest.

If you wish to check out their stuff, and yes, they do have nicer rings but it seems this is their most popular head to:

And decide for youself.

I received this ring free for review. My opinions do not reflect those of the company (obviously) And furthermore, they sure did not pay me to write it!

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  1. Love your honesty!!! Now i know where NOT to spend the little bit of money I have :)