Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jewelry Candles Review

Okay guys, a written review for JC has been past due here anyway and this week they have provided the perfect excuse, or motivation for me to finally sit down and do this. First to any of my blogging circle, if you have tried Jewelry Candles and know enough about them to do a review I strongly urge you to do so now. They are running a giveaway to bloggers. If you write a short review on them for your blog you will be eligible to win a pretty great prize. Please visit their facebook page and find the post about it to find out more.

To my normal fans: I also encourage you to visit this page and like them if you do not already. Currently Jewelry Candles is the most generous candle company I know of when it comes to giveaways. They usually run at least three weekly on their own site and are constantly providing bloggers with candles for giveaways. Their candles are exceptional, their jewelry gorgeous, they are, to be blunt, everything that Diamond Candles should be, could be, USED to be but no longer are. 

They have a huge variety of products. Not only candles but wax dipped roses, tarts and even a line of greeting cards available for all your gifting needs. Their scent list is just... HUGE and I have never been disappointed with how any of them smell, even when I received a wrong scent that turned out to be floral and you know how I feel about floral scents! Visit for the full listing and more pictures and don't forget to enter those giveaways!

Current Giveaway Links:

Yeah you read that right. They currently have 4 giveaways going on their site alone! You can also visit their facebook page to find not only the blogging giveaway but another new one I saw announced today! I'll leave it at that and let it be a surprise for all those who are willing to check out one of my top 3 favorite candle sites (I will not say where it ranks exactly but lets say it's high >,>) check out and get to know the face of the company, who by chance is also one of the friendliest and outgoing women you could ever want to meet and enter the giveaways for a chance to experience one of the best products you could possibly hope to find in the field.

Note: All images are owned by Jewelry Candles and clicking on any of them will direct you to their site!

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