Monday, May 6, 2013

LoveLee's Candle Review

LoveLee's Candles

Last week I received and had the opportunity to review a new candle companies candles. LoveLee's Candles is a fabulous soy candle with jewelry I have had the pleasure of testing and must say , so far she is doing fabulous. Like always with my Candles with prizes I did do a reveal and review of the candle that can be found on my youtube: I am writing an additional review because I ordered a Tri-Level Candle and the jewelry was only one scent in so here's the breakdown:

My Prize

She is just beginning, so she can't afford yet to have really big ticket jewelry. What she does do is guarantee a minimum value of $30.00. She also guarantees the jewelry to be real (silver, gold etc) up to $250.00. Now, yes that's no $5,000 ring (Though she did tell me she is hoping to be able to expand the value range higher VERY soon) but honestly, I'd rather have a piece I know isn't going to turn me green. 

She offers several options for purchasing. This is straight from her ordering page as her list of available options:

Our candles and tarts are individually hand poured and made to order, please allow up to 2 weeks for us to ship your LoveLee's items. 

Jewelry Tarts-for those who would rather enjoy your scents in a tart warmer-16oz of wax with a piece of genuine jewelry hidden inside. $25

Tarts (without jewelry)-16oz of our amazing scents but without the jewelry surprise. $18

16oz jar jewelry candles-each contains a piece of genuine jewelry hidden inside with a value of $30-$250. Each candle is hand poured and made to order. $30

16oz jar candles (does not contain jewelry). The same awesome scents but without the hidden surprise. $25

16oz layered jar candles-these contain the same lovely jewelry as our regular 16oz candles but can be customized (colors and scents). $35. Please specify choice of 3 colors and scents at checkout.

This is very generous. Really, if you think about it, you're buying for a surprise piece of Jewelry and getting a free candle since, unless you get the layered candles you are actually paying the price of the minimum jewelry value or less! And hey, to layer it you pay a whole 5 dollars! This is just epic.

Now onto the scents and to wrap this up! I ordered a Tri-Level, I had pictures of it when I opened it but they seemed to have corrupted so I cannot post them. This upset me since it was very pretty, BUT, you can see my unveiling video as well on youtube!

My first layer was there most popular scent called "Angel's Embrace. I wanted to try it for three reasons, one, the description sounded good, two,  it's their most popular scent and three, My son's name is Angelus and we call him Angel, at least when he's good. Basically it's a Strawberry Vanilla scent, though she has a much more appetising description. It really did smell great it was my favorite. 

My next layer was Fruit Punch. It's a scent I had never tried in a candle and I thought it would mix well with the other two scents during burn. (Something I HIGHLY recommend you consider when you order a multi-level Candle. Remember that your middle scent will mix and mingle a bit with both the top and bottom layers so choose a scent that will be neutral to both scents or regret it. If all else fails? Vanilla is usually a safe bet smelling decent with almost all food scents AND a lot of florals) ANYWAY, lol, Her fruit punch is a mix of strawberry, apple and cherry, it smells just like my kids favorite Hawaiian Punch!

Finally, for my last scent I chose Black Raspberry Vanilla. This was another scent I have never tried and my fiancee wanted it. Normally I'm not crazy about Raspberry, I grew up on wild raspberries we would pick in the summer. I loved them but once I moved and had to buy them at a store it was never the same. I must say however, I really enjoyed it. The raspberry had a nice tartness and it cut the vanilla perfectly. 

All in all this was a lovely, haha punny, experience. I strongly recommend trying them out. The candle is worth the price three times over. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! If you read all the way to the bottom? Guess what!? Heads UP! The giveaway for a LoveLee's Candle in the scent of your choice will be LIVE, Friday, 5/10/2013! Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for the Giveaway Tool than!


  1. OK, LoveLee's asked me to postpone the giveaway just a couple of days so she knows she'll be able to make it within a reasonable amount of time. So it will be a Mother's Day giveaway. Starts on Sunday and runs 1 week.

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