Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jewelry Candles Tart Review

As many of you are aware, this past week I got the opportunity to review Jewelry Candles Six Pack of jewelry tarts. You get to order up to six scents of your choice for the price of five and they come with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

This is a picture of the ring I received. A gorgeous stack-able bridal inspired piece most women would love to own. It is indeed costume but a beautiful one!

This was in addition to the beautiful packaging that fits the companies aesthetics perfectly. They come in the same box you would receive the candles in and inside you find the pretty clear bag with black paisley print packed full of delicious smelling tarts! I was thrilled with How pretty everything looked! I almost didn't want to open it! Almost... But of course I have saved the bag for future re-gifting purposes.

So lets Move on to the tarts shall we? I am going to do a small individual review on each scent because they really deserve it. So let us begin!

Banana Cream Pie:

This tart was the one I was most excited to get! I had been wanting to try it since the released the scent in a candle for the spring/summer 2013 Release! When I opened the package the scent was absolutely amazing! Banana Runts, vanilla, and hints of buttery Graham crackers is the only way I can think to describe it. It literally made my mouth water! I could not wait to get this in my tart warmer and it was the very first scent I melted. I have read wonderful reviews on it all over, about how strong the scent was and how well the throw so all I can think of is I must have got an off batch. Don't get me wrong, I loved it! But my warmer sits right next to me on the side stand of my couch, right by my head. So when my fiancee asked if it was melting at all yet because he couldn't smell it I was a little disappointed, I'll admit it. When I moved away from the warmer I knew exactly what he meant. only a few feet away from it you couldn't smell it at all.

After investigating online I can only assume it was an off batch because no one else seemed to have this problem. I resigned myself to sniffing at the rest of the tarts in the packaging and moved on to the next.

Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Whoa Nelly! Now this is more like it! This tart was AMAZING! It took less than five minutes for the tarts in the warmer to start filling the whole room with the scent of freshly baking chocolate chip cookies! It made you want to jump up and pull them out the oven because by scent it was the perfect time for it for soft ooey-gooey cookies. After a couple hours of this scent my fiance resigned himself to going to the store to buy cookie dough.... We weren't going to be able to sleep without one! A== scent!

Sorry for not getting an image of the tart cover but I couldn't find one where it allowed me to copy the image!

Watermelon Kiwi:

This one surprised us as well. We fully expected the normal jolly rancher watermelon scent you get everywhere else. What we did not expect was a wonderfully mild scent that reminded of use real watermelon but that's what we got. Instead of the kiwi adding more sweetness and overpowering the artificial scent it reminded of more of a very natural smelling watermelon cucumber salad. Fresh and clean. We were delighted! You can get watermelon bubble yum scented candles anywhere, but they hit an all new level for us! I much prefer this to any of the competitions watermelon fragrances.

Blueberry Muffin:

Lazy Sunday mornings when I was a kid... That's what these smell like. Those morning when you wake up at 11 am to the scent of brunch at home. Always accompanied at my house with a warm batch of fresh made from scratch blueberry muffins! Wow did I miss home. They hit the scent on the head just like those cookie. I couldn't ask for a more perfect smelling product if I was standing in a bakery! Warm sweet buttery muffins with wild blueberries. I'll take that over Duncan Hines any day!

The last two scents I chose were not my cup of tea, but they ran out of scent I would normally choose, so I will do my best to evaluate these on their merits only, as they do not appeal to me personally. Chosen by closing my eyes and pointing to the list was my method of madness here...

Pumpkin Spice:

Yes, believe it or not, even foodie scent lovers have some they would normally turn away from! This scent has an EXCELLENT throw! None were better! I could smell this wax melting from clear across the other side of the house! If the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and a hint of buttery vanilla sounds like a scent you would be into I strongly urge you to try this scent! My fiance loved it, his mother loved it I am sure if these too picky people can give a good word when it comes to cinnamon  scents they are obsessed with? It must be excellent!

Think Pink:

The final lottery winner of my random selection! I was prepared for the worst, I'll be honest. I really don't like perfume scented candles and I can happily live without floral as well. So when I began using this scent and I didn't hate it I was shocked! What's horrible is that as I sit here typing this I am still sniffing some unused tart, trying desperately to find the words to describe the scent! Honestly I have no idea! I do smell floral notes but there's something sweet as well. Hints of Berries maybe? Honestly I have no idea. I hate admitting it but it's true. All I know is I expected to hate it but grit my teeth and bare with it while getting a decent idea, even if impartial, to the scent itself and it just threw me for a complete loop. I actually liked it, and I cannot come up with an objective opinion of it's elements because I have no idea! *laughs* I think a lot of people will like this scent, even if they don't think they will because it's not their cup of tea or on a preferred scent list.

In conclusion, I had some up and downs with the scents, but to be completely honest? I would buy them for myself in a heartbeat. Especially once they start adding more scents to the tart list. I am very happy they gave me the opportunity to review their newest product and truly hope they like this review and want to work with me more in the future. Jewelry Candles is really a great company and I love what they try to do for their fans and how generous they are with their giveaways! 

To only help improve that final thought I have truly always felt with them? They have offered and allowed me to have a giveaway here of my very own! One of my Lucky fans will get to try out this six pack for their very own! I'm actually jealous believe it or not! Today they announced their newest offering to the tart scent list to be one I have been DYING to try! One of my favorite scents of all time and it wasn't available when I ordered mine! *sad Panda face* Ah well, I still love them and am thrilled to announce that we will be holding another giveaway sponsored by Jewelry Candles! I am going to allow this post to be up for a few hours and so everyone has time to read it and than!? I'll Post the Giveaway post of course!

Thank you Jewelry Candles! This is also my celebratory giveaway for my Facebook page having already attained 1000 fans since it opened a month ago! I was trying to figure out something special to mark the occasion when you presented me this offer and it was perfect! I hope you enjoyed the review!

Note: All these opinions are my own as always! The pictures above are, aside from my ring picture, the property of jewelry candles. Clicking on them will take you to that products page or their Facebook page! The ring picture will take you to my vlog review at Youtube! Please show support for my wonderful sponsor by visiting their website: and their Facebook page:


  1. love the reviews you do Holly, you are so honest in them and it is helpful.
    Darbie Brown

  2. Love the review!! Thanks Holly!!!

  3. Love the review!! The scents sound so yummy!! Would love to try them!! :) ~Sarah

  4. Oh my goodness Banana Cream Pie sounds like it would be heavenly! I can surely sense your enthusiasm for this product by your review! Thank you for you candor!

  5. Holly ~ this has to be one of the best ~ in-depth reviews I have read! You have definitely made me want to try one of these!

  6. Holly ~ your description of the Chocolate tart has me wanting to try that one very bad! I too, like food scents but I also enjoy any citrus scent as well. I have never used a tart before. These sound great!

  7. Holly ~ that ring is stunning and again congrats on you 1K fan giveaway! I have never tried anything from this company or a tart for that matter, but you make them sound just wonderful!

  8. I love the review! I can't wait to try the Watermelon Kiwi.