Friday, June 21, 2013

Gillian's Jewelry Box Review

Have you ever seen or considered handmade wrap rings? Personally I LOVE them. There is so many things that can be done. They are much more affordable, the color options are astronomical and if you find a distributor with talent the things they can do are boundless! The above ring is one I was sent for review. I found a ring I loved on her facebook page(pictured below)

I asked for slight modification where she added a rose gold like color wire with the silver and this was the result:

I absolutely love it and I wear it every day. It's wrapped in silver and light pink wire and has not turned me green even after almost a week. She specifically orders wires that prevent this! She does custom orders and even does other jewelry like necklaces and bracelets but for the purposes of this review I am sticking to rings!

Another one of her fabulous designs I'm in love with! She has so many it was hard to pick just one!

Don't want beads? How about multicolored rings? She has them too! Like these beauties:

Pink and gun metal black rose design!

Silver and Black!

This beauty is the traditional rose design in black blue and gold!!

And Finally! She might hate that I show this, she thinks it's one of her failures but i think it is absolutely stunning! An attempt at an equality for gay marriage ring:


Now, this giveaway doesn't last long but currently she has one running on her Facebook page! that you might want to check out! You can Pick one of your favorite beads she has on her site and either one of her designs or a design you see somewhere else for a ring! Her favorite will win their ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry it ends TONIGHT!

Go visit this wonderful woman on facebook! Link Below!

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  1. Holly ~ I just love that ring! My motto "never enough bling" LOL I am sorry that I missed her giveaway but I will most def check out her page. Thanks for sharing!