Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bombshell Brownies

Before we begin: 

I have been so behind and I feel absolutely horrible about not getting this up sooner! This wonderful company sent me four absolutely delicious brownies to try and have offered a giveaway for my fans and with all that has been going on I just have not felt up to sitting down and writing it. Though I sure did love the comfort the brownies provided when I sat down to eat them! I'd also like to mention how wonderfully understanding and patient they have been during this time about the delay. They not only offer wonderful and delicious product but are wonderful people!
To view the full lists available check out BOTH their Facebook and websites!

On with the review!

To begin let me tell you a little bit about the company: They are a small business based out of Cambria California by two woman on a mission: Providing a real product with all natural ingredients. Both women have a wonderfully old fashion aesthetic for the 40's and 50's and it has inspired the vintage look and simple style of the mason jar packaging and logo. But don't be fooled! The flavors are anything but simple or old fashioned! The brownies they provided me with are hands down the best tasting prepackaged brownies I have ever tasted!

So let's go over the flavors I received:

Blood Orange Hazelnut:

Of the Four I received this was the only one I did not like, but we knew I would not, it was for the fiance. His review, though probably not as detailed as mine: Deliciously Zesty. He loved the Orangey sweet citrus and the hazelnut. The only thing he would have added? More hazelnut.

White Apple Rum Hot Toddy:

They really wanted me to try a blondie, normally, if purchasing on my own, I avoid them. Mostly because I love my chocolate and I find it offensive that someone invented a brownie that isn't chocolate, but I decided to be a good sport and try one. I did remind them that I do not like citrus but beyond that left it up to them and they sent me the white apple rum to try. I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Even though there wasn't a hint of chocolate it was really delicious! We heated this one up and shared it and both walked away totally satisfied of any sweet tooth we had!. It's VERY sweet and Very satisfying with a nice kick of rum to help balance the flavor! Bring 2 forks and a tall glass a milk for this one guys. 

When I ordered my set this was the one I REALLY wanted. The one I thought would be my favorite and couldn't wait to try. It turned out I had one I liked more but this one came in second. I love coffee, I adore it, I will definitely order it again. I personally would put a touch more espresso in it but I like a lot of coffee flavor, perhaps more than the general masses so I can't fault that and I wouldn't put a negative on it either.

And Finally I saved the best for last! The absolute most delicious prepackaged brownie I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling is...

Caramel and Sea Salt:

This one is also made with a milk chocolate brownie but the salt... Oh my gosh... It was just... incredible! The Caramel is yummy syrup and has just a sprinkle of sea salt that just makes it indescribably delicious. I mean seriously, I can't begin to figure out what makes the combination of salt and caramel so good just that it does! Chocolate covered pretzels have always been one of my all time favorite snacks and I think someone used to dip my binky in caramel when I was a baby because I have always had an obsession for it so these brownies are like the best parts of my favorite childhood treats smashed together! I could eat them all day every day and not think twice! Well OK, I might think twice once we had to invest in a fork lift to get me out the house... but, yeah... They were that good!

So those were the brownies I got to try and I definitely want to try more in the future! Maybe if we get a good response on here and they like the review I can convince them to let me do another one some time down the road! I really loved stepping outside of my normal comfort zone of jewelry and candles and getting to try something completely new and different. I hope you guys enjoy them as well! 

I really think they are worth their price, and though they are a bit more than I'd traditionally pay for a brownie they are so worth it. Every single one comes in a small sealed mason jar that are great for collecting and reusing. Personally, I am saving mine to make candles in! They have SO many unique and delicious sounding flavors I don't think you could find anywhere else. 

I am all about supporting small businesses, and with them you are not supporting one but several. All their fresh ingredients come from local vendors, made fresh in their own individual mason jar and shipped to your door. They offer a huge selection, including a whole line for people who are allergic to wheat or gluten so EVERYONE can enjoy a brownie from time to time!

And Finally, yes! There is a giveaway coming along with this review! One of my lucky fans will win 3 bombshell brownies in their choice of flavors! I STRONGLY recommend anyone considering an order not only look on their website but also their Facebook page before finalizing your flavor choices. I was not aware of it but they have several posted on their Facebook page that are not listed on the website yet, a few of which I probably would have requested right out.

Giveaway TIME!


Normal disclaimer blah blah, None of the images above are my own, they are the property of Brownie Bombshells. None of the review above should be taken as a reflection of how the owner of bombshell brownies feel, all idea and opinions were my own. I was not paid to write this review. I was given the product for free to try and to write my honest opinion and review. Thank you for being here and reading! And as always clicking any of the above images will direct you to either Bombshell brownies Facebook page or business page! Thank you and good luck.


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  2. These sound soo good!! Im sure it wouldn't help out my diet much but sharing with my husband would make it not so bad, right?? I love reading your blogs and would love to try these!! ~Sarah

  3. Would definitely have to try the Caramel and Sea Salt per your review of them and maybe the Chocolate Ganache that they have posted on their Facebook page, YUM!! ~Sarah

  4. omg now i really want some brownies...that carmel and sea salt one *drool*

  5. signed up for klout just for you :) lol

  6. These brownies look amazing! I love brownies, blondies and any other they can throw out there, lol! YUM!

  7. I would choose the gluten-free sea salt and caramel!

    1. yeah it's awesome they have a huge line of gluten free for people who can't have it or who avoid it for health reasons. Personally I can't stand artificial sweeteners. Every single one I've tried has a funky after taste I literally gag on lol. Believe me I have TRIED! I better not ever develop diabetes or I will be soooo screwed. I'd be skipping my meals after shots just so I'd have an excuse to dive into Ben and Jerry's Cotton Candy Ice Cream -_-