Friday, March 22, 2013

Jewelry Candle Giveaway by JC Rep Amanda Tridwell!

OK, Bargainista and giveaway Bandits! Yesterday I came across one of the most unique and fun giveaways I have ever come across! Mrs Amanda Trimble, an up and coming Sales Representative for Jewelry Candles issuing a VERY unique giveaway and I am personally BEYOND excited about it! 

If you are Unfamiliar with Jewelry Candles they are a candle company that makes 21 oz candles using a soy based wax. They are heavily scented and come with a piece of jewelry hidden in the candle that you get to melt down to find! The jewelry worth can be anywhere from 10 dollars to 7,500 dollars so wooh! They also sell the most gorgeous wax dipped roses! They are wood carved, dipped in scented wax and will last forever! In addition they they also come with a piece of jewelry! (This is just a few of the scents they have! They just released about 25 alone this past month!)

Everywhere you look people are using raffle copter for their giveaways or a simple enter your email and get a one time entry and pray you win among  10,000 other entries. She has come up with a much more creative way to run a giveaway! First, I shall Post her rules exactly as she did... Than I will elaborate since they are somewhat confusing.     

Want to win a FREE Jewerly Candle of your choice??? Well here is your chance... I'll be giving away a candle to ONE lucky winner!!! There will be 50 avaliable spots and there are many diffrent ways to "earn" a spot.

1- Refer a friend- Share my page with your friends and get them to like my page and post to my wall that you sent them...For Every 7 friends who do so you'll get ONE entry. If you hit certian milestones you'll earn extra entries. At 30 you'll earn ONE and at 50 you'll earn THREE bonus entries!!!

2- Buying candles - For every candle you purchase from me you'll earn ONE entry.

3- Flash Giveaways - I'll randomly post a status (first person to post here/on my wall type deal) "winner" will recieve ONE entry.

4- Random- Ya never know what I'll come up for a free entries just be on the look out ;)
Giveaway will end when all 50 spots are filled...I'll use to generate a number(I'll post a screen shot of the results) and whichever person has that spot WINS!!!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor :)

Now, Let me begin with stating she has dropped the referral requirement from 7 to 5 which is a bit more reasonable for people who do not have many friends willing to like pages they aren't into. I'm personally ignoring milestones because even I don't think I have that many people who are going to be willing to sign up as they are just to many lol.

Her Second typical Entry point would be to buy a candle. For every candle you buy you are given a spot in the raffle. That's easy enough to understand so I don't think it needs further explanation. The Candles cost 24.95 with 5.99 shipping
She will also give you an entry for buying the roses of course! (my personal favorite!) They Cost 39.95

Now for the FUN stuff! Of course she's going to award those who get her potential new customers or people who buy stuff that's a given! But the best part here! Most of her spots will be given for completely random fun events she thinks up. She has already posted a blurred out image of Gary from Spongebob first person who guessed what it was? Got a free entry, last night she gave away an entry to the first to comment on one of her links today the first two people to post about the giveaway on their page got an entry! She's got a lot in store of fun ways to earn entries and I really do emplore anyone who wants to try these awesome candles to come join the fun! Just remember to like her page and post on her page That you found out about it through My blog so I can keep getting people to allow me to bring you these awesome giveaways!

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