Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OK Guys! Real quick since there seems to be some confusion on this and it never occurred that people wouldn't know.

You can subscribe to my blog through various means! Just chooce one of the following ways:

Follow me Via Google Plus

Subscribe to via email to get news updates

Use one of the option to subscribe under the Subscribe Now feed

Sorry for the confusion guys! This is my first giveaway, my first blog so I'm learning. Any of the above means will qualify just let me know which option you chose and what name you subscribed under! I've been looking for an actual Subscribe button to add but after an hour of weeding through the blog button adds and help files I threw my hands up in defeat! :P Sorry! Because of the confusion I am DROPPING the MANDATORY status on that. The ONLY one you will now need to follow to unlock Rafflecopter is subscribing to youtube!

Please note if you have unlocked it previously without subscribing somehow you'll need to do so before the end of the raffle! Again So sorry guys!

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