Wednesday, April 3, 2013


OK guys winner has been selected! Check your emails to see if it was you! Remember, contestants only have 24 hours to respond and tell me what items they choose before I draw another winner! If it wasn't you? Well theres always the second chance drawing now isn't there! It'll take me a bit and my daughter is sick so please give me until tomorrow evening to hunt down and check all my posts for possible referrals! Tomorrow evening I will set up a video of me figuring out placement by time stamps! Once I have names put in, in the order they got a referral we'll hop on the camera and run the numbers through the randomizer and that's how we'll select our winner! Stay tuned until then! I have recorded the reveal of who won but until they contact me and I can get permission I cannot post the feed. Hopefully they allow me to post the info if not I'll blur all but their first name and first letter of last name as it show on rafflecopter!

Didn't win? Didn't have a referral for second chance? That's OK! I have more stuff coming your way that you're NOT going to want to miss!

Confirmed tonight! Keep your eye on my channel guys! I have officially gotten my first Sponsor! Trust me when I say you will NOT be disappointed! In the next couple weeks I will have an exclusive promotion for my followers to enter contests for gift certificates! Not only that WE ALL COME OUT WINNERS IN THIS ONE FOLKS! I will have access to exclusive saving and discounts for my followers through this company and I guarantee these savings? They're WORTH getting excited for!

I am honestly bursting at the seams to Tell you everything now but I'm going to keep my lip buttoned until I have my hands on the product! What I can tell you? The company that agreed to giving me a chance and proving myself was one of the fist 3 proposals I sent out! I honestly did not think they would give me the opportunity yet to do a review for them. They shocked me by not only agreeing to it but also giving me access to the most AMAZING discount for my followers I could possibly hope for at this time! PLEASE, I urge you to keep an eye out! I plan on taking this opportunity to the next level and I want you all to come with me!

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  1. Congrats to whoever won and MAJOR congrats on getting your first sponsor!! Thats so exciting!! I hope it will only be the first of many!!