Monday, April 29, 2013

Candle Gems By Soylicious Review

Recently I won a Bingo game on Jennifer Raines Soylicious Facebook page. You can find it here:

She was kind enough to send me a full size product to review for my vlog and Blog. She chose the scent for me, Pineapple Mango, Pictured Below:

The scent of the unlit candle is absolutely delicious, and this is someone who normally avoids most citrus scent . When I opened it for the first time I was very happy with the way it smelled, as was my fiance. The ring that comes in it is stuck in the lid. So if you truly hate having to wait for your candle to melt to get to it this may be the option you want. Personally I like the anticipation of waiting for it to burn down to reveal my prize but I know not everyone feels that way. They also carry melter gems, available in the same scents only designed for your wax warmers.

The same scent I got in melter gems would look like this:

Now on to the review. Personally, as I said, I loved the scent, but any future purchases from them will definitely be in melter form. After burning it I encountered several problems. First, It had an air pocket, and not a small one, around the wick. After about an hour and a half of burning I noticed a strange bubbling/hissing sound coming from the candle and as I looked to see what was wrong I saw the air bubble had been releases. It was large enough to make the bubble big enough to extinguish my wick and left a gaping hole around the wick. When I poked my finger to see how deep the hole was it came to my realization that the product, though coming from a company names "Soylicious" could not possibly be 100% soy. No matter how you looked at it it had paraffin in it as when I pulled my finger out instead of staying an oily like base it immediately hardened on my finger and had to be flake off.

I let it completely cool so melted wax could fill in the hole and harden. That seemed to fix it well enough.

The next problem I seemed to encounter was the carbon build up on the wick every time I burn it. Even flaking it off between every burn could not stop the candle from smoking profusely or from keeping my jar from turning black.

We really did like the scent though so I am completely open to trying these again, only for future purchases I have decided to stick with the melter gems as most of my problems seemed centered around the wic not the actual wax. They really do smell good and I got a lovely ring from it which can be seen on my real on youtube.

They have a lot of scents to offer and are a bit cheaper than some other companies so this may be something you should look into trying, but, as I said, If you have a warmer I strongly suggest buying melts instead of the candles.

For more information or to order please check out Jennifer Rainville on Facebook or you can order from her online at:

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