Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ok guys! Time to get down to business. I hit a slump when I got sick with strep and it took me quite a while to feel 100%. But now it's time to get my butt moving on this blog again. I have several announcements, tips and tricks and a link list of facebook pages you should like if your into the giveaways and contests.

First, I am currently writing four reviews one of which will have my newest giveaway on it. I also have several others in the slate that should be coming up very soon. I'm really wanting to make a go of this so I would greatly appreciate all the support I can get. Here are the links to my various pages, if you could give them a like or subscribe I'd appreciate it.

For all of you who have been with me from the beginning and are waiting for the links for doing surveys:

These are great starters and are my favorite to use. Each have drawbacks but nothing to serious. Of the five I have listed the only one that might be a bit bothersome is only cash surveys. Their wait period after you request payment is ridiculously long.

Great Discount Bloggers sites for freebies and contest:

My Mentor -

That should keep everyone busy for awhile. I am almost done with 2 reviews and will post one of them tomorrow.

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