Monday, April 22, 2013

This Giveaway is now Closed! The winner has been notified and as 24 hours to claim their prize!

Avon giveaway starting 4/23/13 at 1 am and will run until 4/30/13 at 1 am

As like my previous giveaway I have 2 great ways to win a prize. First is on my giveaway tools. This one is the main prize and will consist of One Hollywood Glamour Necklace as shown below.

Unfortunately this photo does very little to show you just how pretty it is. You can check my youtube page entitled "Condolences, Announcements and No Apologies" To see it on. I was originally planning to start the giveaway that night but due to the crisis in Boston felt it may be inappropriate.

As like last time there will be a runner up prize for referrals. To be entered just send friends to either THIS ENTRY or my new facebook  page (linked in the giveaway form) and have them like my page and post a comment to my wall stating you sent them. 1 friend = 1 entry. The prize will be a surprise avon makeup set. I guarantee 2 items here that I will do no coaxing for to remind people about referrals. I will happily keep them myself.

Finally note to all. To win ANY of my giveaways you must be a fan of my facebook page. If you like the page and unlike it before the end of the giveaway I will NOT count it. If you like the pages in my giveaway form and then unlike them right after it is over I will not allow you to participate in future giveaways. Please remember that neither my current sponsors or myself are big time execs who can afford to throw freebies around like huge corporations can. This comes out of our pocket and we would appreciate it if you could just show a bit of support. Thank you.

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